Just be yourself.
Ellen, UK, 16.
I am whatever you judge me as.



If you’ve been:

        - physically abused

        - verbally abused

        - depressed

        - unbelievably stressed

        - had your heart broken

       - dealing/dealt with your parents separating

       - hiding stuff from friends/family cause you’re scared of being judged

       - judged for something you can’t help

       - self harmed

….Then reblog this to show people what reality is like for you.

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i can always sit and watch the way the rain hits the waters surface

i could watch this forever



Out of curiosity, I want to see how many tumblr users have emetophobia (the extreme fear of vomit). I also suffer from this phobia, and I was curious to see if there was a larger amount than I thought. I’ve encountered a couple on here, so there must be more, right? 

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"You don’t know what hand you’re gonna get dealt next. You learn to take life as it comes at you. To make each day count.” - Jack Dawson
Titanic (1997)